Friday, 9 October 2015

Canyon Resources obtient deux ans de plus pour l’exploration de la bauxite de Birsok

Canyon Resources Ltd Aus has entered into a joint venture (JV) agreement t o acquire up to a n  initial 75% interest in the Birsok Bauxite Project in  central  Cameroon. The  project  has  been  confirmed  by  the  JV  partner,  Altus  Group  (Altus),  to  contain  high - grade  bauxite  which  has  the  potential  to  be  premium - quality  direct shipping ore (DSO). The land position is contiguous to the large high - grade  Minim  Martap  bauxite  deposit s,  which  a re  considered  to  be  world - class  (estimated  at  +450Mt  @  ~46%  Al 2 O 3 (non  JORC)).  Importantly,  the  project  is  located  within  ~10km  of  an  existing  rail  line,  which  is  considered  capable of transporting commercial quantities of bauxite.  Read on... 

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